What are some surprising facts about being obese?

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A 32-year long studies on the spread of obesity was conducted by a group of researchers. It was discovered that obesity spread through social circles, and that someone’s chances of becoming obese increased by a whopping 57% if he or she had a close friend who also became obese.

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It’s kind of interesting — they say “you are what you eat”, but apparently you a more statement would be “you become who you hang out with”. It’s kind of true, too, from personal experience. When I had some jolly hedonist drunkard friends, we’d cook and eat a ton and have a great time… but I’d also find that my weight would increase significantly. Whereas hanging out with my jacked-to-the-max brother makes me a little self-conscious about my weight, to the point where I watch my food a lot more when I’m around him.

A surprising fact about obesity — being about other rotund people makes you, yourself, more likely to gain weight, and remain heavy. Whereas being around fit people inspires you to be more fit as well. Environment truly makes all the difference in the world.

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