Do you agree with Andrew Tate that books are a waste of time and that you can absorb knowledge faster from your life?

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The answer is very simple. Andrew Tate’s life is not an average life, and it never was. If you study his early life, you will realize he has been on an extreme journey. So, throughout his extreme journey, he learned a lot about life. There is no rocket science behind the right process to become a successful person in life. You can learn this by reading some great writers or going through a journey like Andrew Tate’s. If you choose the first option, you have to read the right books, "not for entertainment," but for learning. What I mean by learning is -"Read and Apply." There are thousands of self-help books out there, and most of them are useless. I think there are 6-10 books out there that are truly worth reading for self-improvement; the rest of them are just scams because they talk about the same things in an attractive way to engage people, just like YouTubers who create content about self-improvement. The basics have always been the same, and they will remain the same, whether it's 2023 or 2050, because no one can't manipulate the laws of the Universe.

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