What are some interesting spiritual facts that you know?

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Everybody is blessed with the ability to reach it's highest potential i.e. opening of 7th chakra. With the opening of 7th chakra one blossoms to it's fullest. 7th chakra is also considered the Delta state of mind.

If 7th chakra is not opened permanent, You can still enter in this state for some minutes by entering in deep meditation. Swami Rama used to enter in delta state of mind and he was examined deeply by scientists.

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If one dies on lower chakras, one misses to experience it's highest potential.

When one walks the spiritual path, with the rising of Kundalini chakras open gradually. With each chakras opening the person consciousness is expanded. When one opens the upper chakras, one experiences the vastness.

The vast this existence is, in the same way one feels expanded to the whole cosmos, one feels one can do anything in this world, nothing is beyond the person reach.

But to experience the limitless state, one has to break it's all boundary, one has to look beyond attachments, one has to walk this path (it looks endless) one has to be agreed to die even for experiencing truth, one has to be agreed to live the authentic life.

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