What would you rather not know?

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Today was my aunts 40th birthday. She was opening her gifts, many nice things came out. But the last gift was a book, this book was a great gift filled with memories, pictures and stories. Now, what so wrong with that you ask?

Later on that night, after my family got rather drunk (I'm only 14 so I was very sober, unfortunately helping me remember ALL the details of this story).

Anyway whilst going through my aunts book looking at all these pictures and stories she spots me looking through it and proceedes to talk me through the photos. It was great as many pictures featured my whole family including my mum and dad. Until she gets to this one photo of a French holiday and tells me this.

Aunt- *laughing* "do you want to know a great story about this photo?"

Me- (cautiously) "yes"

Aunt- "Well, after this photo we began our journey back. On this journey your mum and dad requested to stop at the service station for lunch. In a agreement we all pulled into the station and proceeded to have lunch. As we were about to leave, your mum and dad said "no no no everyone wait just a minute we need to quickly do something", confused we all asked what was so important. My mum then told everyone that she was ovulating and needed they needed to quickly (in these exact words) "do it" because they're trying to get a baby."

Me- "…"

So, to conclude, I am on this planet because my parents went to "do it" in the car at a French service station.

Yes I wish I didn't know that.

Edit 1: For everyone saying, I understand that no one is made in an all romantic place and I’m glad that I was born etc. I’m not wishing it wasn’t true I just felt like I didn’t need to know that infomation.

also thank you very much for the 500+ upvotes, this is only my first answer so I consider it pretty decent

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