Can having a lot of intellectual knowledge lead to someone becoming anti-social? Do they not want others to question them on topics they are knowledgeable about?

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Thats not exactly the problem. The real problem is when a person tries to elevate him or herself intellectually. they are often viewed with suspicion by those who don’t want others to improve themselves. Some people feel threatened or intimidated when others they know try to intellectually improve themselves. Think about those family gatherings when an older generation of high school graduates nervously jokes and pokes a little fun at the recent college graduate at the table. They might also start to view this more educated person as being “snobbish” or more distant then they used to be, when in fact the educated person has not changed at all in this regard.

It is a false cliche’ that all your family and friends are rooting for you. What they frequently do in reality, is take pride in your accomplishments when talking to others, glamming off on your accomplishments, while treating you with undeserved distance and aloofness.

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