What do gyms not want you to know?

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I worked at a gym briefly (as well as using plenty for the last 10 years on-and-off). Here’s a few things off the top of my head:

They know you’ll probably stop attending

As long as you keep paying that monthly fee they don’t care. They rely on it—if a large enough percentage of members attended on any given day there wouldn’t be enough space in the gym!

Most products being sold are a waste of money

The array of protein drinks, snacks, supplements etc. some gyms peddle do little to nothing, and are horrendously overpriced compared to what you can get online anyway. If you’ve just signed up you don’t need to buy pre-workout then sip on Amino Acids between sets. Protein shakes (not the sugary pre-made ones you get) are fine but their benefits are exaggerated.

They don’t care about serious lifters

Most gyms (specialist bodybuilding/powerlifting gyms excepted) don’t cater for serious lifters. The heavy dumbbells are falling apart? Only two people can even use them. You’re not going to be paying for personal training (you know enough not to listen to the trainers if they’re no good), so once you’ve signed up you’ll be ignored mostly.

Don’t automatically trust everything your instructor/trainer says

It’s very easy to get qualified as a gym/fitness instructor. I did a two week course involving an (extremely easy, for me anyway) theory test and a practical test. I’d had several years working out and doing my own research. Others on the course I wouldn’t trust to correctly answer even the most basic questions. (People I worked with weren’t all that knowledgeable either.) Some gyms won’t even bother to get qualified staff, they’ll just rope in their mate.

Personal training qualifications are a bit harder to get but not a great deal…(I didn’t bother going for mine, I’d had enough!) but there are still plenty of PTs who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

Getting fit isn’t as mysterious and difficult as gyms make out

You can literally learn all you need to know about hea...

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