What do you know that most people don't know?

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The mysterious reason why people jump to their deaths. Why they commit suicide.

Look at the famous photo below.

What do you know that most people don't know?-第1张图片

You've probably heard of her.

He is known as the falling man.

You might wonder, why is he jumping to his death?

What you can't see is the fire.

The building in the background is the World Trade Center. The date: September 11, 2001.

When we see the fire, we understand why it is jumping to its death. He doesn't want to jump more than you or me, his fear of death is no less. He jumps because there is a fear stronger than falling, fire.

What would happen if neither you nor I could see the fire? Does that mean this one isn't there? What if the fire has been burning slowly, but hidden from view?

"You would have to have been trapped personally and felt the flames to truly understand a terror far beyond that of falling" - David Foster Wallace.

Why do people commit suicide?

Because they are escaping a fear more terrible than death.

There is always hope and a better life on the horizon for each of us.

But when I can't figure out why someone "jumps," I remind myself that just because I can't see the fire doesn't mean it's not burning.

PS: After reading all the comments on the post, I would just like to add a personal opinion about the translation I did.

I think the general idea is that sometimes, when we see tragic news about suicides or even when we have experienced it with someone close to us, what we do unconsciously is think about things like "we must not lose hope", or when we have a friend who suffers from depression we tell them "don't get down", "cheer up, life is one", we try to solve the problem with false positivism.

Finally, I think what the original post wanted to convey is that we try to see "the big picture", that what for us can be "a problem of nothing", can mean a world to others, that sometimes the "jump and the fall" looks easier and less painful than trying to fight fire. No problem is small for the people who suffer from them, let's just try to be more empathetic and alert, we could save someone.

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