What are some ways that you network to help you gain knowledge and experience to grow?

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Seo: alexa, awario, bluekai, hootsuite, liveramp, lotame, netbase quiz, similarweb, sprout social, talkwalker, trackly, visualping. Business fairs, (företagarna, verksamt, sba), art exhibitions, go-karting, laser tag, rent a horse, facebook groups, middle watch, board games, meetup, tedx. I was first writing a book (view my profile). After that I discovered talkai.info which is free! :)

It can do wonders with Python. No one in the Nordic countries knows programming except Wilma Emanuelsson with ITrack reading. My mission with Quora for networking is to know what topic I should write about in my next book with seo tools. Alongside writing, I will be building things that can be rearranged into inventions for crowdfunding.

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