What are some things you wish other people knew about you?

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I am in 12th standard…not a college student….(People think i am 20–22 years old..😶)

I feel very nervous to initiate the conversation and always the expect the second person to do it … but when i get comfortable in it, i literally can interact well!! …(The obvious reason many think that i am rude….)

I hated Maths subject in my entire school life like no one did…but In 10th, i got maximum marks in Maths only….lol Irony!

I do not express myself that does not mean that i don’t care… i care but usually people don’t take me seriouslyy…

I love to go amusement parks and do adventure sports.. but honestly, rarely got a chance!!

I had no plans for opting medical till class9 …I was inclined towards UPSC-CSE

I can befriend anyone very easily…. (that’s why i faced troubles too!!)

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