What do guys wish girls knew?

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You can lie about anything but don't lie about your virginity.

If a guy doesn't wish to get into a relationship with a non-virgin girl, don't label him as a misogynist or narrow minded.

One moment we are angry, might shout or say bad things, but we regret it even greater than the way we got angry.

We don't give a fuck about what happened at that wedding, or why you hate your friend but we do give a fuck about that guy who is in your friends list. (Just basic possesive instincts of a man)

If you are not interested in him, just straight up tell him. Don't stick around and fuel his stupid imaginations.

A man will not tell how he is feeling, but his playlist will.

Let him enjoy the bro-time with his homies.

Most of the guys suck at the emoji game, so just bear with it.

He does not expect king treatment from you. He is already a king when he gives that princess treatment to you and you provide him little bit of comfort and support in return.

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