Is access to the tree of life mutually exclusive to access to the tree of knowledge?

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Tree of Life is symbolic of a few things. One should refer to the articles by Alura Cein since she has many. Forbidden knowledge is powerful and people use it for wrong doing. During my time as a King long ago, I was working my way up the tree of life and I got stuck due to the lack of the threefold flame.

But it was almost good that I got stuck because I wasn't healed from all the trauma that I experienced in that life. That would have corrupted me and ruined my chances in reconnecting with my higher self.

The higher one goes in the tree of life, the more dangerous the fall. So self mastery is so important at every level.

The Kabbalah was taught by Yeshua when he was incarnated.

Archangel Uriel oversees the Kabbalah as it is rich with his wisdom. The Magi himself would cloud people's minds with illusions if he sees they are not using the knowledge the right way.

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