What do you pretend to know less about than you do?

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I’m no expert on predicting people’s behavior. But I’ve ruined enough friendships warning people about what’s about to come. With 60 to 80% accuracy when come to me with issues I usually tell them why it’s happening or the outcome of the issue. But a lot of old friends would get mad at me and call me negative. And this lead to many arguments and ruined friendships. So when people come to me with issues now I tend to just let them be.

Also fitness, the amount of misinformation I heard from the people around drives me crazy. I pretend not to know because when I correct people or try to give them hope they lash out on me. People used to tell me it’s impossible for me to gain weight because of my “fast” metabolism. I did a little bit of research and learned about caloric surplus’s and deficits. And boom I gained 60lbs. So when I hear people complaining about their weight I try to tell them fad diets don’t work and it’s better to eat in a caloric deficit to lose weight they call me a liar and claim that they gained 30 pounds starving themselves which is also impossible.

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