Why is Gangstalking (Gang Stalking) named that? Is Gangstalking (Gang Stalking) a Conspiracy?

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Because it's organized spying, initially. Here's how it works. For whatever reason the one being targeted has more access to use their brain than those that are connected to the “machine”. Those connected to the machine thoughts are generated for them. These mass individuals are known as programs. The one being targeted has access to more spaces in their brain to create and mentally grow because they aren't fully plugged into a program. Hints why their fresh ideas are always “borrowed” lol. So because the person being targeted doesn't know the unspoken rule, which is there is no free will and every race, gender, etc has a specific order, those under submission must constantly be in the know of what the one that's being targeted is doing so they can keep that person in line by either disagreeing or agreeing with that person's life choices, unbeknownst to the one being targeted. If the one being targeted displays individuality, the system that controls the mass will have those that are secretly watching the one being targeted copy the targeted one to again, keep them (the target) “in line”. The mind controlled individuals are products of the system created to keep a certain order, usually a bad one.

If the one being targeted breaks free from the illusion “control” or box they were placed in that's when the programs are activated via a central intelligence to attack and try and break the spirit and mind of the one being targeted to get them back “in line” because they are “breaking” the systems order; In the mind of the delusional. If the target gets free it may awaken the mind of the programmed slaves that's unknowingly under a submission “spell”. This is why the degradation and defamation of the one being targeted character is used.

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