What are the facts about girls that guys don't know?

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We knew which man is staring us with good or bad intentions

We are not dramatic on periods, periods cramps almost kills us

We like genuine compliments like “sundr lgri ho" pyari lgri ho"

We stalk the profile of the stranger before replying him

Not every girl wants expensive gifts some wants books, jhumkas and a chai date

When we are sharing our problems just patiently listen to it, we don't want solution, we want someone who can listen us

Every second girl has faced sexual harrasment in their life

We don't wear make up to impress other guys, we do make to look in our eyes, to feel confident

We don't want your attention, we want your love, respect and care

If you going to rant out in your dms, we never going to judge you

Oily hairs are the reason of cancellation of plans for us

Pimples are our biggest nightmares

We have great stalking skills

We are very body conscious, if we ever ask you" am I looking fat?” Just answer it positively, don't reply no, you are looking beautiful

We can look very intelligent at one point and after sometime we can like dumb who don't know anything

We observe everything literally everything

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