What's one thing we all know very late in life?

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Time has No mercy for anyone.

When I was in school , a child of about same age had gain overnight popularity and it was not like insta reels fever . HSC Batch of 2004–2009 might know him.

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Dr. Tathagat Avtar Tulsi ( Indian Physicist )

He was youngest professor of IIT ( At Age of 22 born in 1987)

Completed his HSC at age of 9

B.Sc. - Age of 11 , M.Sc. - Age of 12

PhD - Age of 21 ( IISc Banglore , 2009)

Joined IITB in 2010 as Youngest Asst. professor of IIT.

He became sensation in NEWS . Every IIT aspirant Heard about him.

In 2013 he Left Mumbai due to allergy and took 4 year leave from IITB . He applied for inter IIT transfer but job of IITs are non- Transferable at professor level.

In 2019 IITB Terminated his service . Till then to now Dr. Tathagat applied for many vacancies of IIT but didnt offered any job. He had filed writ petition in High court against IIT but didn't get and fruitful result.

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In recent interview he had cleared that I never thought I will suffer like that. Currently I am unemployed and living with my brother in Patna.

Our best time will not remain same throughout the life. Be prepared for worse.

Don't forget your close one when you are living your best phase of life. No one knows what suprizes are waiting in near future.

Generally we don't realize above things when we are at our peak but realize when time gives us kick .

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