What's the most important lesson you learned in college?

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“We all will go to get the degree from our college together. Okay guys, promise me?” Yash asked over a conference video call on the day of the commencement of our result.

I gave a 'I already know this is not going to happen’ look.

“Promise. Promise. Promise.” everyone said together.

“Gunjitaaaaaaa.” he said with a frown.

“Promise, Yash. I promise I'll only go for taking the degree when you 3 are going.” I said.

“And what about the other people of the class? You don't want us to be there with you, do you?” Manisha asked and laughed.

I remember my 3-year-elder cousin stepping out of the same college when I joined and out of everything she wanted me to learn from her experiences, she asked me not to believe college group friendships as real and forever ones.

“Gunjita, I think your silence is the answer to Manisha's question.” Bharat's sentence snapped me back to reality.

“No, there's nothing like that. It's just, that I'm closer to and comfortable with Yash, Gauri and Srishti.” I replied with the fakest smile possible.

We spent 2 years of our college life in Lockdown. Although, I was still a part of a WhatsApp group named 'FRIENDS FOREVER’ with 20 people and an admin, but I talked to these 3 people only. Not that it's my fault or anyone else's, I couldn't fake it anymore.

“Okay, that means we all are coming to collect our respective degrees and photoshoot afterwards.” Yash said and everyone agreed.

8 months later, I saw the Instagram stories of 3 of the 20 people of a NO-MORE group and I was shocked to my core to see them collecting degrees.

Every month later, a person from that group went to college and got his/hers.

A day before yesterday, I went to the college, collected my degree and clicked a photo I never posted but sent to Srishti (the only friend I talk to now).

What's the most important lesson you learned in college?-第1张图片

She called me.

“I'm sorry I couldn't make it today. I was really busy with my work.” she said.

“At least, you are the only one who agreed on going together.” I replied. “The whole group vanished like it was nothing.”

“I should have agreed to you that day after the conference call when you told me that group friendships in college are not long-lasting.”

“If I didn't have to upload this in a form, I would never go alone to college only to get nostalgic.” I said.

“I know. I know you would have waited for it for 6 more months, like you did before, if it wasn't necessary.” she replied with a smiling face. “I'm lucky to have a friend like you.”

“Maybe, me too. Just, maybe.”

“You ridiculous ass.” she said and I laughed.

Happy reading:)

Gunjita 🍁

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