What you think about the knowledge of palmistry? Is it true?

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i is true that this form of deception has been around for a long time..

in times past, it could have been much easier to derive information about specialist skills etc, from the state of a persons hands.. inferences could be more easily developed, along with other clues,

such as might be gleaned about a person such as any detective would understand today..

there is no magic understanding from a persons palms, however..

[i have a small lump in center of my right hand, but you would not know what was, unless you knew that i had a serious motorcycle smash, hit by a car, which shattered a particular bone in my hand, about five years ago.. so shattered they just bound it an let it self heal over time..

yet while healed [i am a graded karateka] there is this one slowly migrating piece of bone tissue…]

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