How might I acquire PPC knowledge?

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There is a lot to learn in PPC and it might acquired by practice and experiments.

First, watch some YouTube videos to start with, just to gather knowledge about its functionality, working and process. You can find many video tutorials for free on YouTube with great content.

Once you are done with it (it is just for the intro and to understand some of the functionality of the tool).

Search for the PPC courses and opt for the best one for you.

Now the main thing that comes up is how to practice it because it’s a paid tool and without having any business, products or service, there is no benefit to running any paid campaign.

Search for the company that is looking for PPC interns and join the company. Once you join the company as a PPC intern, the main journey will begin and there you can practice and experiment with the different ad campaigns and much more with the proper guidance.

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