What should one do if they aren't good at anything at all? Like absolutely nothing?

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I believe that what you consider to be the truth may actually be your own perception influenced by past experiences and desired outcomes. It is possible that you rely heavily on the opinions of others to form your self-image. These could be potential sources of your problem.

Each person has unique abilities that can be discovered through trial and error. The truth is that you are alive and capable of pursuing whatever brings meaning to your life. So, start focusing on the things you love and take initiative for your own life rather than worrying about others. The solution lies within you, not outside. By taking action and assessing your progress, you can quickly improve by focusing on what truly matters to you.

Firstly, invest in self-discovery, nurture your hobbies and interests, and adopt a versatile mindset for your own life. These can become your superpowers in the future. Embrace opportunities and prioritize the things you love.

Instead of striving for perfection, set realistic objectives and work towards achieving them. The famous quote, "Everything in moderation," holds true.

To summarize, forget about your past and live in the present moment. Explore, gather objective information about your abilities, and accept that life is a continuous process of trial and error. Very few people truly know their passions and exceptional abilities. Don't chase perfection, but instead focus on discovering and acknowledging your own strengths, which will develop over time.

Do not base your self-perception on the opinions of others, as most people lack clarity and cannot accurately define who you are. Think logically and set genuine standards for yourself.

Embrace opportunities and surround yourself with like-minded, optimistic individuals who can provide valuable insights into how things work and give you a reality check.

Engaging in your hobbies and interests can boost productivity throughout the day.

Set realistic and attainable standards, and as you achieve them, you will feel a sense of self-worth and recognize your knowledge and skills in a specific area.

Remember that life is an adventure and a journey of exploration. Do not judge yourself too harshly in the present moment. Keep moving forward, letting go of past negativity, and focus on reaching your desired destination.

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