What's something you've never told anyone?

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In 2020, I spent two nights in jail because my then boyfriend got me arrested after I failed to pay his laptop that had gotten stolen while on my way home from boot camp.

In March 2020, I borrowed my then boyfriend's laptop to use for my boot camp. My laptop was very old and acting up so I needed another one for my projects but since I couldn't afford one at that time, I borrowed his which he willingly gave me and even told me to take my time with it. So one evening on my way back home at around 8:pm, I got robbed and everything of mine was taken including my phone. I reached home and told my boyfriend what had happened but he refused to believe me and demanded I pay his laptop. He gave me a week to pay for the laptop but I failed unfortunately to raise the money so he got me arrested. I refused to tell anyone I was in jail even my family members. My boyfriend didn't know any family members of mine which was good because I didn't want them knowing I was in jail. So I spent two nights in jail and they finally let me out on bond. I reached home and sold my tv and fridge to raise money for the laptop. I later paid him his money and never got to talk to him or even cross paths with him till today.

I still experience PTSD from that experience and always get panic attacks whenever I see policemen or even a police station. I hope one-day I heal from that experience.

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