What is the difference between being knowledgeable, wise, and experienced?

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The Word of G-d tells us “son get knowledge; get wisdom” so we know these two are connected. Knowledge is facts, data, what one learns. It can be learned through books or through life lessons (experience). Wisdom seems to be a bit of both of these forms of learning and seems to develop most strongly among the very old.

Yet wisdom is dependent on getting knowledge first. This is the Tree of the knowledge of Good in Evil. The Tree of Life is within it so you must go through knowledge to get to wisdom. And you must do so humbly and that the challenge because if vanity grows in you as you learn, instead of simply pride of understanding, you likely we be drawn to judging others harshly and then wisdom will not come.

Thus wisdom is like a flowing stream which flows downward toward the sea. Thus you too must be humble as you study in the realms of knowledge, bent over in service so that when old age comes, so too comes wisdom.

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