What are some cool facts that most of us don't know?

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- Any person who says "trust me" should not be trusted.

- The more you converse with someone, the higher the likelihood of falling in love.

- Love at first sight is merely infatuation.

- If a person frequently tells small lies, they will likely tell even bigger lies if given the opportunity.

- Setting boundaries is not being rude, it is practicing self-care.

- Many individuals equate success with money, until they no longer have any.

- Luck may occur by chance once or twice, but beyond that, it is not accidental. It is the result of preparation meeting opportunity.

- The partners you choose are not the problem; it is the person reflected in the mirror.

- Saying "It's only $3" neglects the fact that $3 per day amounts to over $1000 per year or over $5000 in five years. Make your own coffee.

- Those who experience the most shame are th...

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