What is the difference between knowledge and intelligence?

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Knowledge is primarily concerned with the technical aspects of problem solving and earning a living in the modern world. It encompasses thoughts, concepts, and ideas expressed through mathematical or linguistic expressions taught in educational institutions. Additionally, knowledge includes the practical know-how found in countless instructional booklets aimed at assembling products, resolving problems, completing tasks, and finishing projects. It can be acquired through formal education and workplace experiences with the goal of career advancement, financial gain, efficient problem solving, and successful project completion. However, knowledge alone cannot teach important aspects of life such as achieving happiness, managing anxiety, anger, and stress, nurturing relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, understanding what it means to be truly human, exploring the depths of consciousness, comprehending the nature of the mind, reflecting on the meaning of life, discerning between good and bad behavior, contemplating the afterlife, or exploring the connection between oneself and others, as well as the relationship between humanity and the environment. These questions necessitate wisdom and intelligence to provide universally accepted answers that resonate with all of humanity.

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