What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

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My son was playing with his toys. It was 10.30 in the morning and his vacations were on. My husband came out of the bedroom and saw him.

“So this is what you are doing. It means you are not getting any Chinese food today.”, he told our son.

“But why?”

“Remember the story I told you last night?”


“What did the boy in the story do first?”

“He used to study, then go outside to play.”

“So you know that. But what are you doing? Before finishing your daily task, you have started playing. As a result, you lose the special food for today.”

Next day onwards, on most of the days, my son would finish his task before starting to play.

Knowledge: He learnt it from the story that one must finish their task before indulging in fun.

Wisdom: He learnt the way of applying that knowledge by losing one favourite meal.

It’s the same ...

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