What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

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Yo, you know what facts can totally creep a person out? Some real grim biz most folks don't like thinking about. But as a writer, part of my job is sharing unvarnished truths - even the unsettling kind. Obviously I'd never torture anybody with honestly disturbing stuff. But some lowkey creepy realities are just part of the human experience, ya know?

Like have you heard that the average person swallows a ton of spiders accidentally in their sleep every year?

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Nope - total myth, don't stress. But DID know the average person sheds about a pound of skin every month? Gnarly to visualize all those dead skin cells flaking off into the world.

And how 'bout this - didja know hungry tapeworms sometimes wiggle their way into people's eyeballs if they eat undercooked pork?

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It's super rare but the whole idea gives me the heebie jeebies. I'll be sticking to well-done pork chops from now on, thanks very much!

Another one that gets me - there's over 60x more bacteria in the human body than actual human cells.

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We're basically just meat suits for microscopic hitchhikers! Makes me want to douse myself in antibacterial everything all the time, lol.

I dunno, to me those are a few factoids most folks would rather stay blissfully unaware of. But hopefully sharing them helps scratch that itch of curiosity about the stranger side of being alive. Just don't stare at me while I go disinfect myself now, okay?!

Are you interested to know more facts about this? Don't worry, click the link in comment that I posted.

Thank you!

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