What do many people not know?

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A lot of people aren’t really aware of how much messed up things goes down at retirement homes. A recent article reminded me of this — former ‘adult film actor’ Ron Jeremy is being released to his own residence due to declining health. He is more or less bedridden but apparantly still managed to “keeps assaulting female caregivers”.

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So they couldn’t really care for the guy… and he was released to his own residence, where male caregivers will be hired with his own money. This is not an option, however, for many elderly people. Some of them keep misbehaving, some even get physically or sexually abusive with members of staff. They’re in a severe state of mental decline and no longer know what they’re doing, they’re hardly aware of their surroundings… but did you ever hear of “old man strength”? A lot of old dudes, even when ill and elderly, still have quite a bit of physical strength left. Their mind is gone but their considerable grip strength is not.

And that’s kind of terrifying, to think about. Having known a nurse who worked in retirement homes, I’ve heard that while it is sadly not uncommon for some members of staff to abuse residents, the same is true for some residents who can’t keep their hands off of staff.

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