What is something people never use correctly?

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What is something people never use correctly?-第1张图片

Laptop/Phone Cameras : When on a zoom call on laptop or video call on a phone, people usually look at the screen. Instead, people must see at the camera in order to make your communication and eye contact perfectly.

Gears while going downhill : It is important to use low gears while going downhill as it will put less stress on the brakes. By using low gears while coming downhill, you can ensure of using less to almost zero use of brakes which eventually prevent the Tyre damage.

Travel pillows: Travel pillows can be found in almost everyone’s car if they travel a lot with their families. Usually, people wear travel pillows in a wrong way. They have U of travel pillow under their chin, aha?? But, the right way to wear travel pillow is by having U under their chin so that your face can have complete support while travelling in a car. This way is not suggested for the driver though :)

Exit rows on an airplane: If you are under 6 feet in height, you do not need to sit in exit rows for extra leg room, you will be perfectly fine at regular seats. Exit rows are good for long guys especially who are above 6 feet.

Another thing that most people never use correctly is UPVOTE button. You should Upvote if find something useful. Cheers !

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