What relationship facts should everyone know before getting married?

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These are my top six lessons that I wish someone had told me before I got married. Contrary to what we may have thought, we didn't know everything about each other before tying the knot. However, we quickly learned and adapted. One notable aspect is that sex improves over time, surpassing our initial expectations. The initial excitement may fade due to stress, but by continually reigniting and reinventing, the experience becomes better than we could have imagined. It is crucial to truly know your potential spouse before marriage, as appearances can be deceiving. The everyday stressors will unravel any facades, so take the time to genuinely understand your partner. It's far better to avoid marriage altogether than to go through the complications of divorce. Arguments and conflicts are inevitable in a marriage, but it's essential to fight fair and attack the problems instead of each other. Reconciliation is a rewarding aspect of the process. Do not sweat the small disagreements, as they are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Learning to let go and not overanalyze every quirk will lead to a happier relationship. Grace and forgiveness are pivotal in resolving conflicts. Choose to prioritize your relationship over winning an argument. Feelings of intense love may diminish over time, making it tempting to seek it elsewhere. Instead, honor your commitment and continually nurture your love for your spouse. These are the lessons I wished someone had shared with me, although ultimately, I wouldn't have changed my mind about getting married. I am grateful for the experience, knowing that marriage requires a clear mind and a strong heart.

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