What do legal judges know that they wish everyone knew?

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In Texas, judges are elected. So many times the most qualified person does not win.

In family law cases, judges don’t have the time (or psychic ability) to determine always who is the best parent or who is telling the truth.

Judges care about the children that a couple produces. And most judges want parent to co-parent. They want the couple to put their kids first and the adult’s interests a distant second.

Judges are not there to “fix” families. As more than one family judge in Texas told me privately “they married the other person. they then had children together & it’s not my job to fix the “mess” they have made”.

And as another judge told me - people need to recognize that #2s don’t marry #10s! Plus, it takes 2 to tango.

As another judge told me - when you point a finger at your spouse - three of them are pointing back at you. If the other parent is so bad and you still had children together, then perhaps neither of you should have custody of the children.

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