What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?

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I use to have a European in my class, when I was doing my masters. I use to think that foreigners were very cool and easy going towards their kids.

My friend's parents had really high expectations. When my friend did really well in college, then also his mom said, "You should get more awards." Due to this, he got disappointed and as a result his grades went down, his dad also told him, "I'm disappointed."

This strictness also applied to my friend's older sister. She had an affair in college. Her parents didn't approved and stopped talking to her.

I was shocked that how come being a family from broad mentality, they are acting in this way.

But one day, something surprising happened. My friend was there with his Indian origin girlfriend. His parents were also there. She said to her parents, "I failed my important accounting exam."

To everyone's surprise, her parents replied, "That's okay. You can try again." They comforted her and encouraged her to do better. My friend, who was used to their own parents' strictness, felt amazed.

I was shocked, that how positively they handled their daughter.

My friend didn't hate their parents, but this new experience made me think it's not about different culture, it is about mentality, broad attitude, parent hood that frames mind.

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