As a guitarist, what is something you wish you knew sooner about playing guitar?

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As someone who has been playing guitar for over 50 years one of the most important lessons I learned is that the higher cost of your gear does not make you a better guitar player. There are countless stories of truly great guitarists that were handed a properly set up $ 300 guitar sounded no different then their $3000 custom shop build. Just because you bought a heavily aged vintage Les Paul and hand wired Marshall half stack doesn’t make you a great guitarist or even sound better. I very wise person once told be that the people in the front row don’t know if you are playing a $300 or $3000 guitar let alone the people in the back row nor do they care. The guitars I play every day are generally used $300 -$500 Epiphone Dot’s or Sheratons. Properly set up are the best value for the dollar guitar available.

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