Why as I grow older do I realize the older generation was wrong about most things and has done a terrible job at keeping this world a float I know there’s billions of people but majority of older people don’t know what they are doing why is that?

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You will find out that your generation isn’t any better than previous ones

ppl are so hell bent into wanting more and more money and they take however they can and that is meaning no matter whom you vote in that you aren’t gonna get breaks unless you are the rich. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s been this way since ppl allow themselves to be ruled over.

if young ppl were actually smarter than by all means change everything and I bet it will still be the exact same as it is now all because most ppl focus on money and how much they can put in their own banks and they want to invest in everything they control.

why do you think many politicians have money into fuel cause they totally control it. They stopped drilling in the USA and now we have to purchase it else where and that drives up the price and walla they are getting richer and richer. That’s way it’s a mess cause most politicians are corrupt and they are driven by greed and they lie so you will vote them in so they can get richer and richer. It will be the exact same when the young grow older and they will want more and more and they will no longer care how others are suffering due to they forget and welp don’t care. They forget this planet is a living thing and they keep taking more and more trees away and farmers are selling off land due to the younger generations don’t want to be farmers anymore since it’s not profitable like it used to be. They sell and than builders come in and build many many more homes that costs over $400 thousand dollars which I can not believe ppl can afford them but claim they are poor. You aren’t poor if you buy a brand new home that much.

Doesn’t matter if we all recycle due to our plastics end up in the ocean and like everywhere. Funny how they claim they can recycle but yet it’s a huge issue that they will never solve and yet we foolishly believe they can recycle batteries as in vehicles 🤦‍♀️ let’s see how many are so naive thinking they will actually recycle vehicle batteries. They claim electric is the way to go but yet it’s the dumbest thing ever. Welp politicians have their money in such so that’s all it’s about plus you think you’re saving 😂 that’s hilarious. Go on a car trip as many do and how many stops do you have to do before going on vacation a few hundred to possibly a thousand miles away and how long will it take to charge if you find a charging station and the cost to charge cause it’s not free!!!! Plus you have to have a charging station on your property which will cost thousands to install so now not only you purchase this machine now you have to pay a professional to install and pay for the station as well plus it’s lots heavier than normal gas vehicles so now they want to tax every single person no matter if they own one or not due to the roads will now need constant attention.

you think your generation is sooooo smart 😂 think again. They are programming you to just go with the flow and not think out side the box and you can’t blame everyone cause the government is our rulers and we are nothing and have zero say in anything at all all because they don’t care and they are now playing God. Have you ever notice that it’s only one area that votes actually count as in Pennsylvania the only votes that truly count to vote in president is Philadelphia and that’s it. How dumb is that when all votes should count to vote in a person not just one area. If you all are so smart than change that one and see if they still don’t rig whom they want as the puppet while they stay ruling like we are their prisoners.

Most citizens had to work many jobs to get where they are while the young just cry about they need more.

prove to everyone that you are smarter and actually do something other than pointing fingers and blaming the older ppl. Stand up and do something for once. Gen x will not take a stand due to they are so against each other as well as boomers are and silent are and they all gripe about such. So it’s either you are just a griper like all previous gen’s or are you willing to group ppl together and take a stand and possibly go to war and lose your life cause that’s what it will talke to change things and make it better and most ppl don’t want the possibility to die like back in civil war times and they all knew they were most likely to die but since than ppls don’t have it in them to sacrifice their lives for the well being of life and planet.

Now are you and your Gen those types of ppl cause you can’t just sit there and talk and think that will solve anything at all. Thats total naive. All the government knows is they are in charge and get away with anything and everything and they won’t just give up their seats either. It’s they die and another corrupt person takes their seat.

Thats truth

some Gen x will tell you the raw truth. We are no more than peasants to the government and they want to fully control us like we are puppets on their strings which many of the young run to welfare and other government programs and you really think that’s smart 🤦‍♀️ that’s pure stupidity. Yes some are incapable of living due to they can’t work but most females from 14 and up in their 40s are popping kids out to be on the welfare so your Gen isn’t showing any true smartness at all. Its just like all the other gen’s that run for hand outs instead of thinking rationally that they can’t afford to wait till they can and have one child and be done but nope they get a taste of the EBT card and find out through others to pop out more so they can qualify for more help and to the point they get help to have a house and vehicle and gas card and utilities and it doesn’t seem to end but government has you on file and one day they will have you chipped and no actually money but they will trace every place or person you make transactions with than what. Your side gig of being paid under the table or off the books is no longer cause now the government can easily take their cut now.

Thats where most young ppl want to go and yet it’s like you are brainless. As in yard sales will no longer be and it’s the best thing to get stuff very cheap. But you young ppl have no sense.

so once you actually make a stand and change and let’s see if you’re actually as smart as you truly think or am I actually correct that your Gen can take over but it will be the exact same problems maybe different issues but greed takes hold and same as it is now.

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