What is the one thing in life that is really important?

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If you ask me what matters most in life, I have a simple answer.

Being accepted.

We all want to feel like we belong, like we are valued for who we are, and like we are loved unconditionally.

But sometimes, that doesn't happen. Sometimes, we feel rejected, misunderstood, or judged by others.

And that's when we develop different ways of coping.

Some of us become loners, who avoid social interactions and convince ourselves that we are better off alone.

Some of us become extroverts, who seek attention and validation from anyone and everyone.

Some of us become moody, who oscillate between isolation and connection, depending on our mood.

Some of us become dark, who harbor a twisted worldview and a hidden agenda.

But no matter how we act, we still have the same desire. To be accepted for who we are. Not many people can do that, or even try to do that. Most people just label us and move on.

But I want to tell you something amazing about life. Try to get to know someone you normally wouldn't. Someone who is different from you. Someone who challenges your assumptions.

Try to love them for who they are.

You will discover that deep down inside, everyone is just the same

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