Do all INFJs have a deep passion for learning and knowledge?

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I’m not sure if all INFJs do… but I can definitely say I do.

Lock me in a Library and I’ll read tons of books.

Hell, even growing up, when I was in the Elementary grades (specifically 2nd grade to 6th), everyone was reading books like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

I genuinely couldn’t stand that. Instead, I was reading books about Ship Liners, in fact, books around ships and catastrophe (the main one I remember was a book called Ghost Liners, I believe). I read about the Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, Britannic and the Titanic, even read about the Olympic liner as well.

Eventually that carried to now, where I am reading about other warships, you know, ships like the CV Enterprise, New Jersey, Essex, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Yamato, Akagi, Littorio, and even Johnston.

Then somewhere in 3rd grade, I read a book about space, about black holes, how many years it would take to reach a certain place, how far light traveled and that it traveled fast, beyond compare.

Then I read books like “I Survived” and learned more about realistic fiction, about stories that exist within the more modern and realistic sense, rather than fantasy like Amulet.

Stories that tug your heart because it feels familiar in a way, despite never experiencing the event itself in real time.

After that? I’m here now, lost in Science Fiction and Literature in my senior year of high school.

Have Crime and Punishment, Brother’s Karamazov, The Dreaming Jewels, Fahrenheit 451, No Longer Human, Flowers For Algernon, The Little Prince, and even the classic Meditations sitting here on my desk.

I was thinking of also delving into All Quiet On The Western Front and even The Metamorphosis later.

It’s been a very interesting ride, growing up and learning from just reading books.

Have a small artist streak too, been a huge fan of orchestral instruments. Played both Band and Orchestra, very entertaining and soothing.

But yeah, I guess I have a pretty big passion for understanding and learning.

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