What scam do you want to warn people about so that nobody will fall for it?

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There was a guy that was suppose to be on an oil rig. An engineer. He was close to Ireland. He had 2 daughters. Of course he was widowed, like they all are!! He texted me from Facebook. Very nice guy. He asked if I cared for his daughters to text me too, of course I said yes they could. They would call me Auntie. He texted daily devotions to me and asked if I was a God fearing woman. That's another regular question. If he didn't text me then his oldest daughter did. Seemed strange because they would not text me at the same time. Well after a week texting me on WhatsApp, which they all ask to go to because they say its more private. NEVER give them your email address, ask for theirs. After a couple days went by, he then texted me on a Friday and said he had been having connection issues with his company computer system. He had a meeting with HR on Friday. They were going to shut down the computer to fix it. Well he asked me for a gift card so he could continue texting me and his daughter's plus so he could get the data off his computer. I told him I didn't have the money and if it was work related, his company should provide a way for him to get his data. He quit texting me. Well then his daughter texted me. Just happens that the 2 daughters were in a boarding school in the UK. They texted me and said they couldn't get in touch with daddy, have I. I told her that he was fine, he was just having computer problems. She said that both of them didn't know what to do. I asked her what was wrong. She said that they needed to get into the computer lab to do an assignment for school. They needed money to get their assignments done. If they didn't get it done, they would fail school and daddy paid a lot of money for them to go to this school. They asked me for the exact same amount of money that their dad did. How obvious!!! I told him that I couldn't help her with the money and she needed to speak with her teacher about her dad's problem at work. Well she already had, but they really needed this money. I know without a doubt that I was talking to this guy the entire time. I was polite with the little one just in case I was wrong. Everything that I suggested, just wouldn't work. I said in case of an emergency, you have to have some way to get in touch with your dad. I wasn't going to deal with him, so I BLOCKED them both. Haven't heard from either one of them since.

If the scammer isn't in the military on a peace mission then they are using being off shore on an oil rig now. NEVER give them money or gift cards.. NEVER give them any personal information or pictures of you either. They can use your picture to scam other people and you won't even know it.

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