What difference does it make what you know or don't know?

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Things you don't understand but define your future:

- Every time you reschedule a Google Calendar event, your trustworthiness goes down, and the machine will know whether you're a good candidate to trust for a task or not.

- Your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok etc. history will be used against you in the metaverse. Be careful who you talk to, how you talk to them, and your overall internet behavior. It literally defines who you are in the future. Remember, you are only data. Ensure the data is solid.

- If you're not into politics but tend to get a political stance, narratives will be personalized for your organic processor *(brain), and you will see not only relevant ads, but experience a relevant reality.

- Things you are ashamed of will be used against you, may it be you jerking off, or hating your body or face or hair or whatever. You are generating reasons for the machine to mess with you in order to make you stronger and more resilient to self-pity.

- Netflix, VR, and other eye-tracking sw pay attention not only to what movie you're watching, but where exactly you focus. There will be a lot of subliminal child abuse material, eg. little girls with skin, or old men pushing their butt to climb a wall. Care where you look at.

- You will always feel that you are free and that totalitarian control is not here yet. That is the main reason and the easiest way to study you and control you accordingly. Do not live for others, or social media, or money, or brands. Live for yourself. Then u can cheat the code.


These are just some examples. There is this say that goes something like “not believing in evil, doesn’t protect you from it”.

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