What are some important things you wish you'd known in high school?

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Although many people may suggest topics like "how to pay taxes," I believe it is important to prioritize teaching about World War 2. In most history classes, the earliest periods are usually covered first. For example, in US history, the curriculum often begins with the Pilgrims, while World History often starts with Mesopotamia. European History may vary, but it typically focuses on early periods, such as the Renaissance era. Despite World War 2 being included in textbooks and the curriculum, it is often saved for the end of the year when classes are running behind and students are preparing for finals. Consequently, teachers tend to skim over this significant period in history. However, it is crucial to thoroughly study and understand World War 2 because if we do not learn from our mistakes, we are likely to repeat them. This war was the most devastating in history, specifically due to the introduction of new technologies, such as nuclear weapons, which could potentially be used in future conflicts. Furthermore, unlike other wars extensively studied in school, WW2 holds more relevance to modern times.

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