As an Indian wife, what do you wish husbands knew?

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Going anonymous for obvious reasons, I wanted to address some concerns and frustrations that I have as your Indian wife.

Cooking: Just because I am a woman, it doesn't mean that I am automatically wired to love cooking. Like you, I was pampered at my home and after getting married, I am learning step by step. Please don't compare me to your mother. I will reach her level of cooking when I reach my sixties. Slowly but surely, and our children will brag about my cooking to their spouses!

Be who you are: It's annoying when you suddenly change from being a romantic hero when we are alone at home to being a strict and ordering husband when your family visits. Please don't do it, as it really bothers me and I feel disrespected.

Sex life: I am not happy with the way you initiate intimacy. There is no foreplay, and I am left feeling unsatisfied. It's difficult for me to express my needs without being judged. I've tried talking to you nicely, romantically, during fights, and even with tears, but nothing seems to work. For a woman, feeling unhappy in bed translates directly to not finding you attractive. However, I am grateful for the existence of my own hands!

Pampering and getting served: I don't understand why the responsibility always falls on me to cook and serve your family when we are at your home, or to pamper you with delicious food and special attention when we visit my family. Even when visiting friends, I am expected to get along with their wives and serve everyone. Seriously, when does the woman get pampered?

I really love you when you show random acts of love like sharing the chores at home, respecting and taking care of my family, giving me space and freedom. I just want to be loved and respected as a whole, not only when it's convenient for you. But please know that your wife loves you like no other woman ever has or ever will!


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