What are some interesting & amazing facts that most people don't know?

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The Indian king who was proud of his big private part and died of lavish lifestyle and food

Bhupinder Singh was born in a Royal Sikh family to Maharaja Rajinder Singh. He married at least 10 times. Apart from his wives, he also had numerous consorts. From those unions, he had 88 children (estimated) of whom at least 53 survived him.

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His desires can be known by the fact that he was the first man in India to own an aircraft, which he bought from the United Kingdom in the first decade of the twentieth century. He had an airstrip specially built for it at Patiala. He also got a unique monorail system built in Patiala, which was known as Patiala State Monorail Train ways.

He was the proud owner of the world-famous “Patiala Necklace”, which was manufactured by the famous brand Cartier SA. To mark the first visit of Queen Mary to India his wife Maharani Bakhtawar Kaur presented her at the Delhi Darbar of 1911a magnificent necklace on behalf of the Ladies of India.

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His elder son, Maharaja Yadavindra Singh and younger son Raja Bhalindra Singh played first-class cricket and later served as President of the Indian Olympic Association. Yuvraj played in one Test for India, in 1934

He was a renowned sportsman who built the world’s highest cricket pitch at Chail at a height of 2443 m in 1893, which is the highest in the world. He was also known for an exceptional collection of medals, believed to be the world’s largest at the time. According to legend, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh would be driven in a motorcade of 20 Rolls Royce cars.

In 1930, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh felt a little low at the British Rolls Royce company’s refusal to accept an order from him for a new Rolls Royce car. Such was his power that he ordered new Rolls Royce cars, and put them to hauling garbage, dung and filth in Patiala city. To which the chagrin of the all-powerful Rolls Royce-loving Viceroy and the British ruling establishment quickly prevailed upon the Rolls Royce Company to comply with the Maharaja’s wishes by giving him a new Rolls Royce.

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Maharaja Jai singh of Alwar shares the same story. Which one is true my readers? Google and other platforms confirms both names.

From eating into 1400 piece dinner-set to flaunting private part while parading naked once a year

Lessons learnt

If anyone or an organisation chalanges Indian reputation, respond instead of reacting. Ask Rolls Royce 😂

Build the best infrastructure so that millions remember you for ages. Ask cricketers

Do not get too involved in lavish lifestyle off so much that you lost one of the precious gems of your ancestors. The necklace of Patiala

Do not flaunt off anything that you have. When you are responsible, make a mark by your good deeds. Its his choice as he thought it was OK for him

Any further learnings my readers?

Keep smiling

Keep shining

Stay tuned for more historical facts

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