What are sexual narcissists like? Can you share your experiences or knowledge?

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They want sex whenever they say. Its ionly their way. Its just them in the room and you are just there to make them satisfied. It eventually will get so boring you wont want sex with them and all. you feelis is used. The thing is in the beginning you think its the best youve ever had then you will start to notice he is never satisfied. Eventually he will cheat on you and lie to your face. There is nothing worse than sitting at home knowing he is with someone else doing what he used to do with you. If you catch him he will say its your fault. you are just trying to keep yourself sane. But if you say no to them that gives them the right to go elsewhere.Anywhere to get sex because they cant get enough. This is one of the worst types of narcs because it was so real to you but was never real to them.There is hope you can always leave that all behind find a great guy marry him and feel wayyy satisfied and happy your not in the other situation. Life can be good again so can the sex.

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