What’s something new you learned today?

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Well I was reading newspaper (quite unusual and rare) and I get to know about this new term, “skin fasting” which is quite trending on social media.

According to it, you have to skip using facial products (except some basic ones like face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen) for sometime, temporary rest period.

Skin Expert Dr Harshna Bijlani explained,

The idea behind skin fasting is to give your skin a break from the numerous products it’s exposed to daily and allow it to reset and rebalance itself.

Advocates of this trend suggest that using fewer products can help the skin regain its natural functions and possibly improve its overall health,”

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Well the funny thing for me is I am on skin fasting since I was born. (My conservative strict parents don’t allow me to use them).

Ahh so my parents weren’t strict but just concerned for me. (Let me put it this way :p)

Wait Diksha! You ain’t even on skin fasting. You don’t even use face wash regularly! Damn lazy fr -_-

But my skin’s good, the way it is and you know I am quite busy person :(

Look at this girl’s audacity!


Note- I don’t have much knowledge about, skin fasting so I won’t recommend you to do it without some professional advice. It’s just something new I learned today.

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