What is a free online data analysis course with a certificate?

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Mind you, any free course would give you a very poor and a highly basic knowledge that will do you no good when it comes to advancing your career. Go for instructor led classes as with live sessions as that is where you would actually learn from industry experts. Paying extra money for something that will actually benefit you in your career is a better investment that some free course with substandard training that is of no help.

Meritshot provides a 100 % job guarantee program in DATA SCIENCE AND AI, so it is better to pursue such a course from an institute that’s offering you job guarantee because the kind of training you would receive, would make you industry ready by the end . It’s an 11 month program. Everything is taught from scratch, you get to work on several projects, specially real world industry projects. Moreover, since Meritshot provides a job guarantee program, they make sure that you are trained thoroughly in mock interviews, so that when you appear for the real ones, you are confident and know your substance well!

From interviews, to resume building , to creating your GitHub and Hackerrank profiles and uploading projects on the same, everything is taken care of by Meritshot . Moreover, they also provide free demo class so you can always test and try. A lot of other institutes also provide data science courses and claim they provide job guarantee, but their batch sizes are huge so their customer service is not good. It’s like they are catering to a herd rather than an individual learner . Also many claim to provide job guarantee but do not give any agreement for the same . Also some fool by saying 100 percent job ASSURANCE and not GUARANTEE and some learner’s fall in this trap. Since assurance is like a promise , you may fulfill or you may not but a guarantee is legally binding.

Many learners from Meritshot even those from non tech backgrounds bagged great jobs with lucrative salaries . Even if you are from a non tech background, the kind of holistic training Meritshot provides , from soft skills to interviews to resume and portfolio building , you are groomed so well before the final Company interviews, that it’s not intimidating at all and you feel confident and industry ready. Also don’t go for big names because their student teacher ratio is worse. They take students in herd and batch sizes are huge so there’s no attention given to any learner . So do your research properly.

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