Which is best for learning a new skill, self-study or online platforms?

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In my experience, the choice between self-study and online platforms for learning a new skill depends on various factors. Self-study offers flexibility and independence. You can set your pace, choose resources, and tailor your learning to your preferences. However, it requires strong self-discipline and can be challenging when seeking guidance or feedback.

On the other hand, online platforms provide structured courses, interactive materials, and often expert guidance. They offer a sense of community and can help maintain motivation. The downside can be the cost and potential rigidity in learning paths.

Personally, I've found a combination of both approaches to be effective. I start with online platforms to grasp the fundamentals and then transition to self-study to explore advanced concepts independently. It's essential to consider your learning style, goals, and the resources available when deciding between the two.

In summary, the choice between self-study and online platforms depends on individual preferences and circumstances. A blend of both approaches might provide a balanced and effective learning experience.

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