Where can I learn digital marketing for free and fast?

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Uncover the secrets of fast and free digital marketing learning with IIDE Masterclass - my personal evaluation is waiting for you.

So, first and foremost, what exactly is the IIDE Masterclass? IIDE Masterclasses are free digital marketing workshops offered by digital marketing exports to assist you pursue digital marketing professions as a beginning in this sector. These seminars are held every Saturday, and the format is hybrid (online + offline).

You may be wondering, what precisely is IIDE? So, IIDE stands for Indian Institute of Digital Education, and it is a well-known organization in the field of digital marketing and education in India, offering Online, Offline, Live, Short-Term, and Postgraduate Courses in Digital Marketing. It is also authorized by India's National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

So, let me tell you about my experience at the masterclass the prior Saturday. So, Reshma Shaikh, who has 10+ years of expertise in Google Ads, taught the Masterclass on Get Maximum Revenue with Minimum Spends on Google Ads. So, after taking this session, I learned how Google Ads function and how businesses utilize Google Ads to develop online and raise brand awareness. And how we can collaborate with a company to help them develop online with the support of Google Ads.

In this Masterclass, I learned:

Strategic Keyword Selection

How to Craft Compelling Ad Copy

Budget – Friendly Bidding Strategies

Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Monitoring and Optimization

We learned about IIDE in addition to learning. We also did a Black- Coffee ceremony at the outset of the lesson, which is an IIDE ritual before beginning anything. Our instructor was also very pleasant and fascinating. She cleared all our uncertainties and addressed all of our questions about the themes. At the end of the lectures, the CEO and creator of IIDE, Karan Shah, also introduced and talked with us. And we met people from all around the world in seminars.

Based on my experience, why should You take a Masterclass at IIDE?

First and foremost, they are free.

You earned a participation certificate, which you can post on Linkedin.

These classes are hybrid, which means you can take them online or in person at the IIDE Compound. That is, you will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor.

You may network with others who are also interested in establishing a career in digital marketing.

You'll be able to Keep up with the newest trends and best practices in the digital landscape's continuous evolution.

You will get the opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, receiving concrete tactics and insights to help you remain ahead of the digital game.

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