Is there any good website or learning platform to train a 5-year-old kid in coding?

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"As a 5 yr old kid, they might not have such knowledge about coding but their interest for learning , may have brought you here. There are several excellent websites and learning platforms available that cater specifically to young learners. One of those is STEMpedia a company which focuses on AI, Robotics and Coding Education for kids. They have both hardware and software resources to help kids learn about coding from scratch, which is easy for kids to start with. They also host an international competition annually called ""Codeavour"" which is the best coding competition I came across. It can help kids to mold their talent into something resourceful for them and the world from an age where kids are curious and innovative.

When choosing a website or learning platform for a 5-year-old kid, it's important to look for age-appropriate content, interactive activities, and a user-friendly interface. This platforms provide a solid foundation for young children to develop their coding skills and ignite their interest in technology.

Leaving the links below to the website, i hope this turns out well for the kid:

Website: Codeavour 2022 Biggest Global Online Coding Competition

Instagram: Codeavour International (@codeavour) • Instagram photos and videos

Youtube: Codeavour International

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