Where can I get best free Affiliate Marketing Course?

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You can find free affiliate marketing courses from various online platforms. Here are a few popular options:

1. **HubSpot Academy**: HubSpot offers a free course on inbound marketing, which includes affiliate marketing topics.

2. **Coursera and edX**: While these platforms offer paid courses, they also have free courses related to digital marketing and affiliate marketing. You can audit the courses for free.

3. **YouTube**: Many affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts share their knowledge on YouTube. You can find comprehensive tutorials and guides.

4. **Wealthy Affiliate**: While it does have a premium subscription, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership with basic affiliate marketing training.

5. **Affilorama**: Affilorama offers free affiliate marketing training, including lessons and a blog with helpful tips.

6. **Selar**: Selar also offers cheap and affordable Affiliate Marketing Courses for has low has $1 and order courses like Amazon kdp, cryptocurrency.

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