What are the best websites to learn guitar?

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Definitely! You can learn playing guitar online. That's the way I Did it.

I started learning guitar 3 years back. It was an impromptu decision which I took it with my friend to buy a new guitar because we were always interested in listening to rock music. The only thing I loved about learning guitar online was no one was there to mock me or scold me again and again that you're doing or playing things are wrong. It was complete liberty. People mostly go to music schools where your music teacher restricts you to not to follow your own techniques. Learning guitar by yourself frees you from these things.

After 2-3 days only, I had started enjoying playing my guitar. And after a week i was able to hold my guitar and some tabbings properly. I was really in a hurry to learn guitar. That's why they say... Never take shortcuts to success.. I skipped many of the tabbing classes and jumped onto the chords because i was curious to play songs. This was the only mistake i made 3 years back which i realised 6 months back because there are some basic things which your online tutor will ask you to practice.

If you're really passionate, you'll never find any trouble regarding learning guitar. Maximum People around you will try to underestimate you by saying "What you're playing is stupid. please learn some good songs" never follow these people. Always start from the basics because these basics will help you if you'll play professionally.

Personally, i have learnt to hold chords within a month. but after some time i realized, i did a thing to impress others. when i saw other people, i realized that i have learnt nothing. Then i decided to learn each and every tabbings and Chords in a systematic manner.

Today, i have learnt enough to teach someone perfectly. All you need is PRACTICE HARDWORD and DETERMINATION.


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