What is the best way to learn sign language? Are there any online courses or something?

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ASL University has a program that has a certificate! The head of the program is Deaf, and the program has 30 lessons going through ASL one and ASL two, ASL three and ASL four. Topics include family, places, feelings, actions, colors, and time, food, clothes, things, animals, questions, routines, school, seasons, careers, activities, eating, travel, feelings, descriptions, working, money, academics, interactions, outdoors, cooking, clothing, doing, and, devices. You can individually study each part, or you can go through all six units. He has spelling practice, numbers practice in ASL one and two practice cards. He has PowerPoint and quizzes to help you study. I think this is a really wonderful program only because Bob Vickers is deaf but his program is just so buried and so in-depth and so Versatile. You will feel confident in your language when you study using ASLU. This is a wonderful place to start. You can also go to some of the news programs just Google American Sign Language. You will find the Daily Moth, Deaf newspaper, ISH News, Deaf News. You will also see lots of stories and interviews from Deaf from all over the world. The possibilities are endless! Just get started poke around and figure out how you want to learn sign language and you can do it. You’ll find favorites that you will like and follow and it’ll just grow. This is an awesome way to learn American Sign Language.!

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