How is the CAT online verbal ability course by Bodhee Prep different from the other online courses?

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I enrolled Bodhee Prep for my CAT 2020 preparation. Before that for my CAT 2019 preparation, I had enrolled for IMS classroom program and had joined a few online courses as well. Learning from VARC at Bodhee Prep was a great experience, and I have recommended Bodhee Prep to many aspirants since then. There are good teachers and good content in almost all reputed coaching places. But what made Bodhee Prep experience different was the pedagogy (the order in which things were taught), and the motivation that students get from their interactions with the VARC faculty there.

It was different from other places with respect to the following points:

Extensive focus on fundamentals of grammar: few coaching institutes teach grammar so well. It helped me better my reading skills, and make less mistakes in parajumbles and para summary. I saw major improvement in my VA scores after enrolling for this course.

Live sessions throughout the year: Live sessions are not there only till the syllabus gets over. Even after the syllabus gets over, there are a number of test discussions

Good amount of practice material: There is so much practice material available that you will take two seasons to finish them all. I think barring the sectional tests, all the solutions are in the form of videos. Not only that , the content quality is very similar to what comes in CAT

Recordings of all the live sessions are available until your subscription is active.

In Brijesh Sir, you will find a great mentor and human being, always replying your messages and answering your calls, something that is rare in offline coaching, much less in online.

Excellent response rate on doubts raised . This is where Bodhee Prep outshines all others. In fact during my CAT year, TIME and IMS tests were regularly discussed. Third party test discussions are seldom done at other coaching places.

These are the major points that according to me separate Bodhee Prep VARC course from other courses. Quality of teaching might be more or less similar at all good places. It is the additional things that you get that makes one place different from the others.

If you have any reservations about their course, contact Brijesh Sir, take one or two demo sessions and then take a call. Unless you are a pro, watching a few random videos from here and there will not give the exact idea about how a person teaches.

I hope the answer helps aspirants take the right decision.

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