Which is the best online coaching centre for the JEE?

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You. Yourself.

Hardwork and Intelligence can't be outsourced. You may join Melvano, Unacademy, or PW, but in the end it's you who has to work hard to crack IIT.

Here's some stats for selection rates in JEE Main 2023 among coachings

Melvano : 29.47% (disclosed in news)

Unacademy : ~11-12% (undisclosed)

FIITJEE : 15–18% (undisclosed)

PW : 7–8% (undisclosed)

As you can see none of the coachings have 100% selection rate. You know why? Because not everyone works hard and puts sincere efforts.

There's an AIR 239 in Melvano & there's a students that didn't get selected. Both these students watched same lectures, practiced same questions & gave same test but such a stark difference in result.

Some apps/coachings do have an advantage i.e better questions/content, innovative features or faculty. But In the end of the day it's you who has to clear his/her concepts, practice questions, & grind everyday to crack IIT.

A preparation platform is like a cutting tool. Good apps are like a high-tech chainsaw and some other apps are like an axe. But even if you have a chainsaw , "you" still need to use it correctly to cut the tree.

If you don't even use your chainsaw, you'll lose the battle to someone who only had an axe but put in twice the effort.

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Here's a saying from my JEE teacher who himself didn't crack IIT but made me an IITian :

"Manzile milengi bhatak kar hi sahi, gumrah to wo hai jo ghar se nikla hi nhi"

If you're reading this, I hope you crack IIT :)

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